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Many of us have followed the history and progress of the prototypes for this bike, and waited for years for it to become a reality so that we could finally get our hands on one for ourselves. Thank goodness Honda finally saw fit to make it available to us. It has undergone many changes since it's inception. I will try and cover them as best I know them. If anyone can add info to this, please PM me or post it up and I will update. This particularly applies to models sold in other parts of the globe besides the US. features, colors etc.

The original sketches and prototype were shown at the Tokyo motor show in 1999, and originally it was designed to be a 750cc-900 cc machine

original sketch


original prototype shown in 1999 with 4 into 4 exhaust. Look how accurately this bike mirrors the original sketch by the designer.


Look at this linked page.... if you will scroll to the bottom to will see the original designers intent in words


note: Honda was still producing the CB 750 Nighthawk at this time, an inline 4 cyl air cooled bike with 5 speed trans, chain drive and hydraulic valves, and would continue to produce that model until 2003. Makes you wonder why they were considering the prototype version in the first place.

The next prototype was shown at the 2007 Tokyo motorcycle show and was a very aggressive iteration of the 1100 cc motored bike.



There is almost nothing on this bike that is the same as the bike we received. Check out the different tank, exhaust, swingarm (square aluminum?) wheel sizes ( both 17"), rear brake caliper (underslung) seat (solo looking), piggy back shocks, smaller turn signals and rear tail light, and different headlight ears.

Then at the 2009 Tokyo Motorcycle Show a new version was shown, actually a production version. The aggressive nature of the prototype bike from 2007 was tamed down and it got 18" wheels, a softer looking tank, seat, exhaust, std swingarm, std rear shocks, rear brake caliper mounted above, different headlight ears, larger turn signals and tail light and ABS. Several versions of this bike were released in 2010 to Japan, Australia and New Zealand, some with tank stripes, some without. Some with black motors and wheels, some with silver motors and wheels. Note how thin the double seat is. This is often referred to as the " low seat". This bike had a 5 speed transmission and of course instrument in KMPH. I believe this model also got the HISS anti-theft system in the ignition.

* note...according to our great members from down under, in Australia, the bikes were imported in 2010 and 2011 there. All had no pinstripes, all had the darker silver side covers, all had silver motors and wheels, all came with an IEV (interactive exhaust valve) flapper valve in the end of the muffler, and all came with the Hiss anti theft system. ABS was not offered. Colors were red, white and a dark blue in 2010 and a black in 2011. They were no longer imported to Australia after 2011.


Finally in 2013 the version most of us are familiar with was released to The US, Canada and Europe. Basically the same bike released in 2010, but the US version bike had a thicker seat than the Japanese,Aussie, NZ version and for the US market a speedo marked in MPH registered to 140 mph, Same engine, 5 speed trans, and 3.9 gallon fuel tank, and 4 into 1 exhaust with stainless steel head pipes, same black engine and wheels. ABS was an option on this model in the US. Weight on this version was about 540 pounds.


in 2014 there was an upgraded model called the Deluxe for the US. Big changes for the model going into it's 5 th year of production. New was a 6 speed transmission, updated instrumentation with a digital gear indicator and fuel computer and now only registering 120 mph, a 4 into 2 exhaust with double walled chrome waterfall head pipes, reshaped stitched seat, color matched frame covering side covers, silver motor, silver wheels, larger 4.7 gallon capacity fuel tank, different turn signals, headlight raised 1", polished master cylinder covers, top triple tree, and passenger grab rails, chrome bar ends, a metal front sprocket cover instead of plastic, and a one tooth different rear sprocket. It also came standard with ABS. Weight on the Deluxe jumped up to 570 pounds with the addition of the extra muffler, more fuel and the std ABS.


and a similar model with spoke wheels called the EX for Europe, that didn't appear to get some of the polished bits the Americans got, but instead got spoked wire wheels and a choice of several colors. Here a white EX with silver motor. I'm not sure if all EXs had silver motors but I will endeavor to find out.


The standard model of the 2014 CB in the US got the 6 speed transmission and revised instrumentation of it's Dlx brother, but came in black with a red/ silver tank stripe. I have seen versions of this bike with black turn signals online, but not sure who got them. Pretty sure the US models came with chrome turn signals.in the U.S., ABS was no longer an option for the std bike.


Colors available around the world were 2 shades of red, black, white, 2 shades of blue and silver. Some came with tank stripes, some without. Not all colors were available in every country.

Here is one example of the lighter blue ones..notice black motor, wheels and side covers


A darker blue one..notice silver motor, wheels and different colored side covers


A silver one


The mufflers in Thailand came with a special heat guard I have not seen in any other country.


Specifications ( 2013 U.S. Version)
Engine Type 1140cc air- and oil-cooled inline four-cylinder
Bore And Stroke 73.5mm x 67.2mm
Induction PGM-FI with automatic enrichment circuit, 32mm throttle bodies
Ignition Digital transistorized with electronic advance
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Valve Train DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Transmission Five-speed
Final Drive #530 O-ring-sealed chain
Front Suspension 41mm fork with spring preload adjustability
Rear Suspension Dual shocks with spring preload adjustability
Front Brake Dual four-piston calipers with full-floating 296mm discs
Rear Brakes Single-caliper 256mm disc
Front Tire 110/80-18
Rear Tire 140/70-18
Rake 27.0 degrees (Caster Angle)
Trail 107mm (4.2 inches)
Wheelbase 58.7 inches
Seat Height 31.3 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.9 gals

The July 2013 edition of Cycle World magazine featured a full road test of the 2013 CB1100.

A few interesting data points as tested:

Measured Top Speed: 112 mph

1/4 mile: 11.79 sec. @ 110.87 mph

0-60 MPH: 3.3 sec.

0-100 MPH: 8.6 sec.

Top Gear Time To Speed, 40-60 MPH: 4.4 sec.

Top Gear Time To Speed, 60-80 MPH: 4.9 sec.

Fuel Mileage (High/Low/Average): 43/37/41 mpg

AVG Range (incl. Reserve): 160 mi.

Cycle Worlds dyno test showed rear-wheel horsepower to be 82.5 hp @ 7200 RPM and torque to be 64.7 ft.-lb. @ 5000 RPM

Interestingly, most all of the CB 1100's came out of Japan with both a rev limiter and a speed limiter of 180 KMPH ( Japanese National Limit) or 112 mph in English. However, there have been several reports of bikes with no limiters as reported on the UK CB board and of course a couple of our members have sent their ECU units to be modified to eliminate these electronic restrictions, and the highest speed I can recall one of them reporting was around 134 mph.

MotoUSA managed to get a few more horses, and few more foot pounds of torque out of theirs. Both horsepower and torque curves can hardly be called curves ... more like flat lines ...which is why this bike is so easy to ride.


As I get info, I will update this thread with better pics and maybe list changes between years and models
Great thread. Thanks ferret. I look forward to your updates!
I wrote to him (Kohama) and he wrote me back from Japan. After much engineering thought, this is what he was aiming for. Simple. Just get on and take ride. Not in a hurry. Key. Starter. Rumble. Get on. Ride and enjoy. Slow down for the scenery. Stop and grab a coffee. Take some photos. Meet friends. Meet new people. Talk about the bike. Listen to the motor cool. Not adventure. Not sport. Not 1940s cruiser. Just Honda...motorcycle. Note the first photo in the pouring rain. It's a motorcycle, not a car! Indeed!
Very interesting topic-especially as a new CB owner.
Perhaps you could include Canada in the mix as well- in terms of differences among the bikes across the globe (or does Canada get the same bike as Europe?).
Just curious.
Thanks for doing this.
Kinda diggin that silver side cover on the black bike. Hmmm.... Maybe I should get one and keep the aluminum cowl that Mr. T is sending me unpainted. Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled program.
(11-14-2014 10:28 AM)metallyguitarded Wrote: [ -> ]Kinda diggin that silver side cover on the black bike. Hmmm.... Maybe I should get one and keep the aluminum cowl that Mr. T is sending me unpainted. Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled program.

Totally agree...it seems to balance things out nicely. Looks very good..
Ah! A market for our spare silver covers!? Thanks
I would love to have that 1999 prototype one....
Great thread Mickey! Thanks for putting this together. As you can see, I've created a sub-forum just for this kind of reference material.
Cool thanks Guth. I thought for awhile now that the info should be gathered in one place for future reference. Finally got around to putting it in one place.
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