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Full Version: 2015 CB 1100EX ABS Limited Edition
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Honda has built a new version of its classic road sport model the CB1100 EX ABS with cast aluminum wheels called the CB1100 EX ABS Limited Edition. It's offer a limited run of 200 which go on sale January 26.

Based on the CB1100, the CB1100 EX is a model that presents a traditional image with features like its dual chamber muffler and wire spoke wheels.

The addition of cast aluminum front and back wheels for the limited edition model add a touch of sportiness to its traditional image. The tires are also tubeless. The weight is reduced 2kg from the original model, giving it better maneuverability.

The color is Candy Alizarin Red and the price is 1,163,160 yen.



Other than painted wheels, how does it differ from the 2014 DLX ?
No difference but significantly for the CB 1100 history, it's the only 2015 model released so far

Notice compared to our DLX's in the U.S. There are no reflectors on the forks or license plate bracket.

That was last Jan 26, not next Jan 26 right? I'm so disappointed this bike has not been a big seller here in the US.

No that was this past January. It is a 2015 model. It is not being released here, but in Japan only from what I understand.

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