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FW1 cleaning wax
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RE: FW1 cleaning wax
(12-06-2017 06:37 PM)Nortoon Wrote:  
(12-06-2017 01:18 PM)RLS Wrote:  I got some FW1 and was wondering if I could use this to clean the exhaust pipes. Also, would it hurt the seat if I used it to clean?

I have used both Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish, as well as, IPONE Cleaner Polish on the mufflers of my CB1100 EX with good results.

If you mean exhaust headers (pipes), these won't clean all the fried bugs off of them. Fried bugs are worse than shellac. Autosol Metal Polish and a sock wrapped around a header will, but it takes some elbow grease.

I lay a streak the Autosol paste down two of the headers and spread it out with a nitrate glove, and then wait about 5 minutes for it to do it's thing. Gloves are needed as this is a messy joy. Then I wrap the sock around a header, twice if it is stretchy, and pull the ends of the sock to and fro while moving it slowly up and down the header. Most of the bugs will come off, and the sock will turn black. Those bugs that resist, get rubbed off with a dab of Autosol on a shop towel and a lot of persistence.

Thanks for the information. Yes, I meant the exhaust headers. I will try it your way.

(12-06-2017 08:40 PM)Cormanus Wrote:  Or, for those with the non double-walled pipes, there is the celebrated Optiglanz which is said to clean darkened pipes a treat.

Me? I just let them go the way Mr Honda intended even if it was't a design choice I would have made.

Never heard of Optiglanz. I might give that a try.
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12-07-2017 06:44 AM
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