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Bheezy27403 Offline
1st Service Completed

Triad NC
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RE: Bags
+1 on Cortech tail bag and saddle bags (I have the sport bags). No turn signal relocation necessary. They all expand and will really hold a lot more than one would think. Especially if packed correctly. You can find them on ebay used for a very decent price. I think I spent $200ish for the whole set up.
10-12-2017 02:27 PM
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4 Paws Offline
High Mileage

MM 199 on BRP (Fancy Gap VA)
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RE: Bags
Cortech makes good stuff, I used it for many years.
I picked up a waterproof mod size and Ron-strap that on my luggage rack and seat. Simple, effective, ugly as sin.

Best thing I learned from my dog"Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride". - Dan D.
10-12-2017 05:01 PM
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bigsheep Offline
Running Like a Top

Hamilton, ON
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RE: Bags
I had soft bags on my first bike and have hard cases that came with my CB1100. (A big part of the reason I bought the bike in the US, vs Canada was the $$$$ in accessories) In comparing my day to day experiences with hard vs soft, including water resistance and security I would go with hard cases all day long. I have 120L of storage on my CB between my 3 cases and they come on and off in seconds.

I really like the idea of the cortech blaze system because when you take the bags off it looks really clean, the hardware is near invisible and you have a really clean look, however I wouldn't switch from my Hepco and Becker side cases to those to eliminate the hardware showing when the bags are off.

2013 CB1100
2014 Honda CTX700N
10-13-2017 06:07 AM
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The ferret Online
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RE: Bags
The hard bags and trunk on my ST become storage facilities for a lot of junk I seldom use lol, but it is a touring bike so bags are a necessary evil on it.

My CB gets used for touring as well, but touring is not it's primary mission. Once or twice a year I throw on the soft bags, tail bag, and tank bag and head someplace, but the other 50 weeks I don't want to be encumbered by hard bags and trunk while riding the curvy back roads that are the CB's natural calling.

2014 DLX and 2006 ST 1300
"a good chunk of life's problems can be solved by going for a ride"...Guth ..... "daily" ...Ferret
10-13-2017 06:58 PM
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Dude Offline
Break-In Period

Austin, Tx
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RE: Bags
Saving to get some hepco becker 40 liter cases Smile
Yesterday 12:07 AM
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