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Chris Goldson Offline
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Has anybody found more aesthetically pleasing replacement horns to replace the rather bland ones on the CB1100 please?
12-29-2017 02:36 PM
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use2b Offline
High Mileage

Perdido Key Florida
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RE: Horn
that is the 1st thing i change on any bike is the horn.
I have a completely hidden denali sound blaster on mine. [ the 2 part model BTW ] and you must buy the harness as it is well worth the money.
the horn is between the tank and frame stuffed into that hole in the frame up front under the tank and the compressor is under the seat.
I sure moves cars over and lets them know i am coming with no horn visible at all

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The best part about growing up in Florida is i didn't have to move here when i got old.
2013 CB1100AD K10
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12-29-2017 02:52 PM
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rotor Online
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Western Canada
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RE: Horn
replacing the motorcycle exhaust with one that produces more noise is a sign of social irresponsibility: it is annoying to other road users at all times. A louder horn, used judiciously, is a smart addition to the transportation security.

Seriously - I am surprised by the fact that no motorcycle riding course I've known addressed the topic of smart and judicious horn use. I remember in particular a crash video circulated on the net a couple of years ago, with the left-turning car driver at an intersection hit the bike, where it was obvious the accident would have been easily avoided by one of those 1/10 of a second horn sounds.
12-29-2017 06:22 PM
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dbarkdoll Offline
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RE: Horn
I for one actually like the looks of the CB1100 horn. I think it matches the instrument cluster nicely and adds to the tough, wide n low appearance of the bike looking at it from head on. (The asymmetrical single horn on the Z900RS is one of many features that totally turns me off to that bike aesthetically.) And for a stock horn, it is LOUD. Big Grin
12-31-2017 11:19 AM
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