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tps evaluating for ii issues
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RE: tps evaluating for ii issues
Dave-Have you checked that the TPS connector contacts are fully seated in the connector insulator?

Automotive and motorcycle connectors typically have connectors crimped (or soldered) to wires, which are pushed into the connector insulator from the rear. The contact has one or two clips/prongs/barbs which snap into a retention feature of each cavity.

During the assembly process, if each wire/contact is not fully pushed into each cavity, the contact "floats", removing pressure on the mating surfaces.

This can be discovered by (a) pulling on a wire and finding the contact is pulled out or (b) pushing on a wire and hearing a snap/pop as the clip seats.

An unseated contact can cause repeat intermittent issues.

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RE: tps evaluating for ii issues
Thanks Cormanus et all, that is encouraging to hear, i try to post as little and minimalistic as i think is required to assist Dave in this case, rather than blabbering on about technology endlessly in order to not pollute the forum.

From a very early age i have been interested in what makes things tick and faultfinding is one of my hobbies, this one interests me because i find it simply unfair to the affected customers who are unable to gather support for their case.

What i try to achieve is to separate the two parts that are responsible for this issue and isolate the one which is the cause of the discomfort on an otherwise immaculate machine.

there have been good efforts made in the past and it is very helpful to read through all the posts several times to sift out the relevant info, that takes more time than your average member is prepared to do, but i copied and pasted most of the info and condense it even more so the essential info is all in a small place.
some of the offered solutions have been varied and many, so that is why i focus on one suspect part so heavily.

lucky for us this part can be eliminated completely by unplugging it, and IF the erratic behaviour of the bike disappears we have found the source of the problem, quite simply.

The trick in proving that is to run the bike for a long enough period WITHOUT the tps to ensure that it HAS lost it's fluctuating behaviour, and the ultimate test is to replace the tps with a new one, and if that fixes the problem for a long time swap it out for the suspect tps and see if the fault returns.

If the issue disappears with the tps unplugged there can be two possibilities;
1 the tps itself or
2 the connection between the tps and the ecm.

if the tps is replaced we will never know which one was the actual problem and it may well return at some stage, remember all of the affected bikes have been running fine and passed inspection in the factory, so something has changed and it is not the software.

Dave, my bike is a 2010 model, the first one to be assembled in japan, i would expect the software to be a different version number from yours, i am assuming that the" limp mode" in your bike ( to allow riding it home with a faulty part ) is of a later date and has more limitations programmed into it to protect the engine , this may be significant in trouble shooting, suppose all the affected bikes have a version of software that is limited to 3000 rpm, that would make identification very easy, but that is only speculation on my part.

Hope this helps; max

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