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Are motorcyclists transients unable to be satisfied?
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RE: Are motorcyclists transients unable to be satisfied?
It's funny. I always liked my ST 1300. Supremely capable motorcycle for what I asked of it. A little heavy, low on tech these days, but something 34,000 miles I started not just liking it, but actually loving the bike. I have test ridden BMW 1000/1150/1200s (the 1200 for 9 days in Europe), the Yamaha FJR (multiple times/multiple years between 06 and 2015), the Kawasaki Concours, all bikes that others claim to be far superior to the ST but I always found them lacking or just not right for me. I love my ST and after 103,000 + miles I have not found anything worthy of replacing it.

My CB 1100's (both 13 and 14 dlx) I fell in love with on day one on the ride home, and would still be riding my 13 if Honda hadn't come out with in what is purely my opinion, a better looking bike with dual pipes and a silver motor and color matched side covers. Now with close to 45,000 miles on CB 1100's I still love them just as much as on March 29, 2013 when I picked the first one up.

I have made neither performance nor suspension nor ergonomic upgrades to any of the above, unless you count better tires, and taking an inch of the foam out of the seat of the ST so I could better reach the ground. I believe they are great motorcycles, as is, from Honda.

other motorcycles have come and gone during the years I've had my ST and CBs. Honda Nighthawk 750, Triumph Bonneville 790, 81 Yamaha XS 650, (2) Gen 1 Yamaha FZ-1's (one with full Traxxion suspension upgrade), 2 Yamaha YPV 400 scooters come to mind. None I loved enough to keep.

2014 DLX and 2006 ST 1300

It doesn't matter what I ride, where I ride, or how far I ride... it only matters THAT I ride...every day...Ferret
01-02-2018 11:22 AM
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